Management of the business

Belchamp Farm Services was founded as a partnership between Julian Swift and Charles Raymond in 1989 with Julian Swift as managing director. Since then the company has grown significantly with Julian taking overall responsibility for all aspects of the business and modernising management practices.

Digital mapping and a conservative approach to precision farming are presently in use. The business is also a member of BASE UK (Biodiversity Agriculture Soil and Environment) and follows the principles of Conservation Agriculture which is about fundamental carbon management in soils.

A high emphasis is placed on the office and administration of the business with an in-house accountant and the use of cloud based invoicing systems for our clients via Anglia Farmers. Outside consultants are used to audit the business and assist in and monitor the business plans.

The future for farming

It is so difficult to make any accurate forecasts for farming except to say that supply of any commodity and its price will remain uncertain with greater price volatility. The past few years have seen the price of wheat double then halve. It is our assessment that we will see more of this in the years ahead. Problems facing the industry and the opportunities for change that they create and going to be the main drivers as always; the recent changes to the CAP with the new greening rules and the Ecological Focus Areas along with herbicide and fungicide resistance, all within an increasingly demanding European framework will provide significant challenges in the next decade.


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